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wausauloner - Thu Aug 01 2013

07:13 AM #
Despite my misstep at the helm yesterday, John asked me to drive his duck again today. We went back to where the dead nearly climbed aboard.

07:16 AM #
We stayed a little farther out so any zombies under the water couldn't reach up high enough to threaten us on the duck. #zompocalypse

07:19 AM #
I kept a careful eye on the screen of the fish finder while John scoped out the shoreline. Zombies look freaky on that small monitor.

07:22 AM #
I could make out shapes sometimes. A head here, a reaching arm there, a few outstretched fingers. They gathered whenever we idled in place.

07:25 AM #
I tried to help John out with surveying the boats and the buildings farther ashore but he asked me to stay focused on the fish finder.

07:28 AM #
He kind of snapped at me once and told me to pay attention to the water. I guess we're still not on the best of terms. I held my tongue.

07:31 AM #
He asked me to make a couple of extra passes near a cluster of larger boats. I didn't bother asking him why he was so interested in them.

07:34 AM #
As far as I've heard, neither he nor Shawn or Tina have plans for the duck people that include using non-amphibious craft. Spare parts?