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wausauloner - Mon Aug 26 2013

07:22 AM #
I'm near Rogers, MN. Long story/no time. Have 6 important pieces of information for our watchers in the DARPA station to get to Pete ASAP:

07:25 AM #
1) I have confirmation that the Reapers cult now uses marine band radios in tactical situations. I hope my earlier tweets prompted action.

07:28 AM #
2) The Reapers now have their own fleet of zompocalyse-modified tourist ducks. I saw twenty. I fear they have more. #zombie #zombies

07:31 AM #
3) There may be survivors from the original Dells duck people heading your way. We were ambushed on the St. Croix River. #zompocalypse

07:34 AM #
4) I'm with survivors of the ambush. We think we lost Reapers that were on our heels and are working our way out of zombie-held territory.

07:37 AM #
5) Do not send help. Prepare for imminent Reaper attack. Target unknown. I have reason to believe it will NOT fall on a border fort.

07:40 AM #
6) Also have reason to believe many more Reapers have snuck into our territory past the border defenses. Will check in again when possible.

07:43 AM #
We have no radio, so this one-way tool is the only way we can communicate for now. Trying to find a HAM set but our priority is a vehicle.