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wausauloner - Mon Sep 16 2013

02:28 AM #
Today's operation is underway. We've got ten teams of ten fighters going clockwise around the siege, another ten going counterclockwise.

02:31 AM #
Each team is moving quickly and quietly to hit Reaper outposts, pickets, and guarded crossroads. They're not engaging larger Reaper camps.

02:34 AM #
After hitting their primary targets, the teams will sweep around the flanks of the Reaper siege on the UWSP campus without closing in.

02:37 AM #
They'll operate as independent groups but stay close enough to support one another if they run into any substantial Reaper force. #zombies

02:40 AM #
If any Reaper forces hold position or counter-attack, the teams are instructed to break contact. We're trying to make the Reapers react.

02:43 AM #
We want to make the Reapers reveal their reserves, which we think are their own squadron of amphibious ducks. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

02:46 AM #
Our scouts have gone to ground in positions where they can watch crossroads and report on Reaper movements. Angie's helicopter is ready, too

02:49 AM #
She's going to make a flight later this morning as soon as our raiders and scouts think the Reapers are starting to recover from our raids.

02:52 AM #
Our chopper will let us know where the Reaper response is coming from, allowing us to vector our raiders back to base. #zombie #zompocalypse

02:55 AM #
Her overflight will also let us know if the nearest Reaper camp, which our main body has to contend with, is being reinforced. #zompocalypse

04:06 AM #
Just minutes ago, hitting their mark perfectly, our mobile raiders began their assaults on their primary targets, all small Reaper positions

04:08 AM #
Several of our attack teams report complete success, killing or capturing entire Reaper units. Our scouts did a great job setting it all up.

04:11 AM #
Three attacks were aborted because more Reapers were at the targeted locations than expected. Most of the other fights are going our way.

04:51 AM #
A few of our attack teams are moving on to the secondary targets our scouts located. The others are moving to help other engaged teams.

05:15 AM #
We're ready to go after the Reaper force between us and the north side of the UWSP campus. Fort NTC's armored trucks are leading the way.

05:18 AM #
I just saw our helicopter pass high overhead. Hopefully high enough not to get shot up again. Angie and her spotter will radio what they see

05:21 AM #
She'll let me know if I can release most of the reserves we're holding back here at the rally point. My comm team will stay, as will I.

05:52 AM #
Our chopper is getting a good view of what the Reapers are doing on the ground. The crucial part: The Reapers appear disorganized. #zombies

05:55 AM #
Maybe they are on their heels after so many simultaneous attacks. Maybe they realize they have to respect our eye in the sky. #zompocalypse

05:58 AM #
Angie reports seeing Reapers scrambling for cover when her chopper approached. Whether it's for safety or to avoid being seen, we don't know

06:28 AM #
Angie has helped several of our mobile teams avoid Reapers trying to close in on them. I can't tell you how much of an edge she's giving us.

06:31 AM #
The Reaper unit between us and UWSP is standing their ground. Angie tells us there aren't as many fighters in it as we thought.

07:53 AM #
Fort NTC's armored trucks have the full attention of the Reapers our main body is assaulting. They're hanging out at long range to draw fire

08:45 AM #
Angie has to RTB for fuel. We've already recalled most of our mobile raiders to help in our final push against the northside Reaper camp.

08:48 AM #
They can't stay in enemy territory without good intel and we can use their help now that the Reapers' northside camp is fully engaged.

08:51 AM #
The returning mobile forces will hit the northside Reaper camp from the flanks and behind. Hopefully, even cultists can be demoralized.

09:22 AM #
Still no peeps on marine band frequencies or signs of the Reaper reserves, ducks or otherwise. That's disappointing on an otherwise good day

10:33 AM #
Our mobile teams converging on the rear of the northside Reaper camp have run into a concealed rear guard. We've taken some casualties.

11:08 AM #
The Fort NTC armored trucks broke through the Reaper perimeter. Well, the two that still have intact tires did. They were enough...

11:11 AM #
Someone inside the northside Reaper unit is waving a white flag. There's no more shooting coming from their positions. #zombie #zompocalypse

11:51 AM #
Without the northside Reaper unit stopping us, our commanders in the field are racing to the northernmost dorms. Intel says they're clear.

12:45 PM #
Our forces grabbed three of four dorms in the northern quad. A responding Reaper force prevented the capture of the fourth. #zompocalypse

12:48 PM #
The Reapers hadn't occupied them, thanks to booby-traps left behind by our Stevens Point allies. They helped us avoid setting off the rest.

02:02 PM #
We've taken 23 Reaper prisoners, all rank-and-file troops. It appears they took out their more zealous leadership before surrendering.

02:05 PM #
There's a lot to sort out. We have prisoners to interview. Some say they want to defect. We're also watching out for a counterattack.