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AnnWelzein - Tue Sep 06 2011

01:41 PM #
Kids finally went back to school this morning. House is pretty quiet again. Took a Shiraz nap right after they left. Just woke up.

01:47 PM #
Long, embarrassing weekend. Had to do a lot of apologizing. Not worth talking about it more.

01:50 PM #
If you ever have any negative emotions, it's best to bottle them up in the back of your head, so you don't bother anyone.

02:00 PM #
Weekend wasn't all bad. Almost got a rocking chair at Genevieve's for the rumpus room, but didn't. Have to be careful about impulse buys.

02:03 PM #
If you think about it, rocking chairs aren't all that great. They never stop moving. Sometimes you don't want that kind of action.