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AnnWelzein - Fri Oct 21 2011

07:46 AM #
I feel awful.

07:49 AM #
Did four hours of hot yoga last night. Must have passed out from heat exhaustion.

07:54 AM #
Came to at 3am sweating under a pile of winter coats, sick from dehydration, with the TV blasting static.

07:58 AM #
Decided to take a bath to rehydrate, but couldn't find my bath salts. Used salt from our kitchen instead. Bad idea.

07:59 AM #
I must've used too much salt. I was even more dehydrated, and my entire body broke out in a painful rash.

08:04 AM #
While looking for moisturizer, found a bottle of shiraz in a cabinet. I guess I lost my senses, and drank it to power hydrate.

08:06 AM #
Still a little buzzed. Gotta try harder to stay sober, after this weekend.