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AnnWelzein - Mon Oct 24 2011

01:28 PM #
Last night I hit the shiraz one last time. Hard. Woke up fuzzy to a quiet house. The kids must have taken themselves to school.

01:31 PM #
I recycled the empty shiraz bottles, and tidied the kitchen. That's when I noticed the limo outside.

01:40 PM #
Couldn't believe my luck. It had to be the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol. Figured my ten subscriptions to O finally paid off.

01:45 PM #
Rushed to fix myself up before they caught me on camera. You don't want to look ratty for the Patrol.

01:50 PM #
Waited for a half hour, but they wouldn't leave the limo. I couldn't see if Dave Sayer was in there or not. The windows were tinted.

01:53 PM #
Just as I was going out to investigate, they drove off. They must have changed their mind at the last minute.

01:58 PM #
I guess I wasn't the winner they were looking for. But I tried to be.