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AnnWelzein - Sun Oct 30 2011

05:39 PM #
So excited for Halloween, you guys. Hate to brag, but our house is a neighborhood fave. Some kids come back two or three times!

05:44 PM #
Prepped all weekend. This year, I'm going big. First, I'm going to give kids at the door fresh, uncooked broccoli. (Trick!)

05:49 PM #
Then, I'm going to load their baskets with candy, and not fun size. I'm talking king size candy bars. (Treat!)

06:00 PM #
As for decorations, I got six strobe lights, and skeleton that says "Happy Halloweeeeen" as you walk by, so you don't forget what day it is.

06:03 PM #
You know, it's been real tough fighting my demons lately, and it's great that a national holiday can help you feel true joy.