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AnnWelzein - Tue Dec 13 2011

11:58 AM #
The cold weather was starting to kill Bob's memorial cactus. Had to bring it inside.

12:02 PM #
The cactus actually looks great in our living room. Adds a lot of character, kind of like you used to see at Chi-Chi's.

12:06 PM #
Chi-Chi's was one of my favorite restaurants. It was like going on a vacation without ever leaving your town. So many great memories.

12:08 PM #
It's probably just a coincidence, but my relationship with Karl started going south after the local Chi-Chi's closed.

12:18 PM #
I miss Chi-Chi's like an old friend. Life always needs a little salsa. So true. Such a shame all those people got hepatitis A.

05:48 PM #
Got a little too nostalgic, so for dinner tonight I made a version of my favorite Chi-Chi's dish, their famous Mexican burger.

05:55 PM #
Their burger was an American favorite, with a Mexican soul. If they didn't poison those people, I bet we wouldn't have immigration issues.

05:59 PM #
I was feeling pretty inspired, so I also made a caesar salad, and topped it with some salsa. Really went south of the border tonight.