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AnnWelzein - Thu Dec 22 2011

01:27 PM #
So excited about Christmas. Have a different Christmas album playing in each room of our house!

01:28 PM #
If you stand in the foyer, you can hear them all mixed together!

01:31 PM #
In the family room, I'm keeping it old school with some Bing Crosby. The original Christmas Crooner!

01:37 PM #
Playing a compilation of all the versions of "Little Drummer Boy" in the kitchen. The drum solos help you slice and dice.

01:41 PM #
In the bedroom, it gets a little edgy, with "Jingle Bell Rock" on full blast. Lookout, mom and dad!

01:46 PM #
I've officially caught the Christmas spirit. It's as contagious as the Ebola virus. Except your organs only melt metaphorically.