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AnnWelzein - Fri Jun 22 2012

11:13 AM #
Someone mailed me a chainsaw. Oh my god.

11:17 AM #
And a boombox! A reference to the stolen Lauper tapes?! These people are sick.

11:19 AM #
This can't be my life.

11:27 AM #
So scared. What if Luna sends more henchmen to finish the job? Need to make some phone calls.

02:57 PM #
Was hoping to let everything blow over. Thought they proved their point. Until the chainsaw arrived.

03:06 PM #
Doug and Tina told me they "want no part in this" and that I "can't keep dragging them into my problems." Looks like I’m flying solo.

03:10 PM #
Caught a hot lead the other night, about the goon Luna might’ve hired. I have an address and phone number.

03:14 PM #
You know what they say, if you’re stuck in a ditch, sometimes you gotta dig deeper to get out.