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Heckler4Truth - Fri Aug 26 2011

06:37 AM #
Tina. :)

04:54 PM #
Voice exercises: 3.5 hours today. Proud. BUZZED.

04:55 PM #
Think I'm ready for the world.

04:55 PM #
World ready for me? Heh.

05:47 PM #
Decided. Target found.

05:48 PM #
So tomorrow it begins. All preparation leading to it: mental, physical, spiritual, dietary, financial. Parallel tracks of training converge.

05:49 PM #
I start this record to chronicle it all. Whenever it may be found, by whoever.

05:50 PM #
(By "whomever?" Dammit, I should know that kind of thing...)

05:50 PM #

05:51 PM #
Pre-checked THE SUIT in the closet. Looks beautiful. Extreme care has paid off. Clean, pressed just right, not a molecule of lint on it.

05:51 PM #
No one would dare question the validity of man wearing a suit like that.

05:53 PM #
Tina senses something. Quiet, looking at me concerned. But I think somehow she understands.

05:53 PM #