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Heckler4Truth - Sat Aug 27 2011

09:48 AM #
The Big Day. Showed up for my great debut. My gloves were laced, and by God I was ready. But NO ONE WAS THERE.

09:49 AM #
Checked calendar. The meeting isn't until tomorrow. Stupid, stupid! The mistake of a dabbler. A rank amateur.

09:50 AM #
DISCIPLINE. Must ever increase discipline. Mistakes can be costly.

09:54 AM #
E.g: I wore THE SUIT today, wore THE SUIT to an event that wasn't taking place, thereby exposing THE SUIT to the vagaries of urban life.

09:55 AM #
E.g.: A spilled latte; a taxi splashing mucky, bacteria-filled water as I pass by; an unkind pigeon.

09:56 AM #
Already THE SUIT has the unmistakable aura of exposure to Manhattan streets: vaguely redolent of bus exhaust and urine.

10:17 AM #
Tina was so sweet today. I was humiliated by my inauspicious debut. But she was such a comfort. Her smiling face.

10:18 AM #
We'll cuddle up and get a good night's sleep. Tomorrow's another day.

10:19 AM #
(Yes, tomorrow is ALWAYS another day. Trite sentimentality. But containing powerful truth. Re-set, re-set, re-set. Re-boot reality.)

10:21 AM #
(P.S. correction re "Tomorrow's another day." Tomorrow is THE day.)

11:12 AM #
Hurricane?! Dammit. Too isolated, too tunnel-visioned, didn't know 'til now. Competing with Old Testament mega-wrath. AWESOME.

11:13 AM #
*Literally* awesome. For once, word truly applies.

02:43 PM #
As we await hurricane: VOICE EXERCISES, dammit. Will use chaotic background to focus.

02:46 PM #
I think Tina likes chaos. So do I. *Creative* chaos. (But hurricanes don't focus. I will.)

02:47 PM #
I am not proud of it, but just found myself wondering: "How will hurricane affect THE SUIT?" Gah, monster.