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Heckler4Truth - Sun Aug 28 2011

09:05 AM #
Call from Mom. Didn't evacuate as advised, and as I urged. Now feels vindicated. Queen of All Weather. Celebratory cocktail I'm sure.

09:06 AM #
Each minute on phone to Mom I lose one developmental year. Too long a call and I am a zygote.

09:11 AM #
Then visit from neighbor I have dubbed Blinky. At door, blinking and squinting like some creature just emerged from the Mariana Trench.

09:14 AM #
Complains about noise from vocal exercises. "Hey man [blink blink] can you keep that [blink squint squint blink] y'know [squintblink] down?"

09:17 AM #
I politely tell him that when he is ready to turn down his TV which broadcasts rollerball (or something) every day every hour, we can talk.

09:19 AM #
His response is a virtuoso display of stunned blinksquintsquintblinksquint, lasting for what seemed like 10 minutes. Then: "Whatever, man."

09:21 AM #
No victory here! Rhetorically besting Blinky does not count. Might as well debate a Pop Tart.

09:23 AM #
REAL opponents ahead. Scanning paper for post-hurricane opportunities. Re-boot! Into the scrum.

10:17 AM #
Slight regrets at choice of username. Demeaning to self? Maybe should have gone with first (admittedly more pompous) instinct: "Cicero."

10:18 AM #
Then again, Cicero got his head cut off.

10:19 AM #
Almost worth it for his last words, though: ""There is nothing proper about what you are doing, soldier, but do try to kill me properly."

10:21 AM #
Probably bad idea to pre-plan my last words. Tempting fate and all. But I hope they're not something like "Is there any dijon mustard?"

10:24 AM #
Tina. :)

10:28 AM #
P.S. to close encounter of the Blinky kind: Tina, who likes almost all people, does not care for him. Her judgment remains impeccable!

11:10 AM #
New target: ACQUIRED.

12:54 PM #
"Snark." A word than needs to return to the smug Hell it came from.

05:29 PM #
Trying to prepare for tomorrow. But even over the noise of Kung Fu Gladiators (or whatever) on his TV, I can HEAR Blinky blinking.

05:31 PM #
Blinksquintsquintblinksquintblinkblinkblinksquinty-squint-squint-blinkity-blink-blink. SQUINTBLINK. Noisiest eyes in creation.

05:34 PM #
Yeah, cabin fever. Might head down to the restaurant, volunteer a few hours. Mrs. Yin is nice but never minds exploiting my eccentricities.

05:35 PM #
"Eccentricities." Heh, self-diagnosis.

09:19 PM #
Back from shift. Greasy, grounded. Smell like mu shu pork. Tonight: approx. 73 hours sleep. Morning: quality Tina time, vocals, GO TIME.

09:44 PM #
Tonight was just what I needed. Mrs. Y and waiters barking orders at me, no time to overthink. Rushed, tactile, stinky. I refused payment.

09:47 PM #
(That freaked Mrs. Y out a bit at first. No frame of reference. Still, saving some $$$ opened her mind marvelously.)

09:49 PM #
And now I take a swan dive into 87 hours of REM sleep. No hurricanes, no clown show tomorrow. It becomes reality.

09:51 PM #
Preamble DONE.