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Heckler4Truth - Tue Aug 30 2011

07:04 AM #
Slept for a week last night. Surreal but fun dreams: in one, playing ping-pong with Abraham Lincoln. He was gracious in victory.

07:06 AM #
Honest Abe is one of my rhetorical heroes, along with Cicero and Bugs Bunny.

12:04 PM #
Reviewing a book of great quotes and I notice that none have the phrase "TOTALLY SUX" in it.

01:27 PM #
Had breakfast with Enrique this AM at the Greek place, to tell him of yesterday's adventure. Coffee, bialy and (for E) a side of Funyuns.

01:28 PM #
Enrique looks awful: fatter, grayer, less hygienic that ever. But happy as a clam, in classic Enrique form. That always lifts my spirits.

01:34 PM #
He's dismissive of my calling -- says I'm just a gnat kicking at the pinky toe of a huge giant, who's happy to let me continue my assault.

01:35 PM #
...'Cause it shows all the other gnats how useless it really is. And that ultimately: we are squishable.

01:38 PM #
He's dead wrong, of course. He doesn't understand my theories of Direct Transfer and Geometric Progression.

01:51 PM #
But Enrique is still the smartest human being I've ever met. That's why I consult him. He's read everything! I sit transfixed listening.

01:53 PM #
Even though he has disgusting table manners. MY GOD.

02:05 PM #
...I mean, really horrifying manners. He might as well just smash his face down into his food and eat like a feral pig, it's that vomitous.

02:10 PM #
He must be a genius, though -- for one thing, he has never, to my knowledge, had a job. I asked once, and he said "My job is knowing."

02:13 PM #
...isn't that great? And he's good at it, he's good at "knowing." (Even the fact that he says "knowing" instead of "knowledge" is perfect.)

02:35 PM #
But proof positive of Enrique's brilliance lies in the fact that he always seems to have some lovely woman taking care of him.

02:36 PM #
Enrique -- easily 20 years older than me, and usually with a prodigious amount of food in his beard...[and I mean SOLID, RECOGNIZABLE STUFF

02:38 PM #
like half a hard-boiled egg or a golfball-sized chunk of fontinella cheese] -- this very Enrique is a BABE MAGNET.

02:44 PM #
Intelligent, attractive women spend their hard-earned money feeding, housing , and -- sorry for this mental image -- bedding down the man.

02:45 PM #
Truth be told, that's as much a reason as any why I've made Enrique my mentor: I want to understand how the hell he does it.

02:46 PM #
I picked up the check, of course. Enrique expects a return on his consultation. Over and out!

04:20 PM #
Blinky. :(

08:27 PM #
Blinky's TV up to 11 playing Televised Live Murder (or something). Yet if I knock on his door the BLINKSQUINTS will overpower my reason.

08:29 PM #
Most focus, de-Blinkify my mind. Time for ruthless self-evaluation.

08:31 PM #
Been riding high, savoring the triumph of my inaugural outing yesterday. Mental high-fives from one lobe of brain to other. Yee-haa!, etc.

08:32 PM #
But need to remember that this was a triumph only insofar as I finally DID THE THING without pooping my pants in fear.

08:36 PM #
And so, sports fans, my review of yesterday:

08:38 PM #
1) POSITIVES. a) overcame initial terror and plunged in. b) made essential points re power, politics, etc.

08:39 PM #
c) implied metaphysical issues beyond. d) achieved basic goal: redirecting of energy at this event; uncovering of smugness and lies.

08:40 PM #
2) NEGATIVES: a) redirection of crowd energy slight at best. b) bailed too quickly when faced with imminent physical encounter.

08:42 PM #
c) Argument made was essentially the right one, but unimaginative and perhaps a tad shrill in delivery. [SIDEBAR: keep methodology flexible]

08:44 PM #
But to sum up positively, reminding myself: IT FINALLY HAPPENED. It's reality now and I'm bursting with electricity, ready to dive in again!

08:44 PM #
[Heh. Diving in while electricified. Perhaps unwise.]

08:45 PM #
"Once more unto the breach, dear friends!" -- Bugs Bunny.