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Heckler4Truth - Mon Sep 05 2011

08:47 AM #
Pulled a double shift at Mrs. Yin's last night, so I'm exhausted. She's so sweet to me, though. Gave me some General Tsao's to take home.

08:49 AM #
Poor Mrs. Y doesn't know what the hell to make of me. She's a serious businessperson, but she's always been very friendly.

08:51 AM #
The only crack I ever saw in that was when her husband dropped by a few months ago, and she introduced me.

08:53 AM #
He was a small, quiet, almost courtly man, but for some reason I got real jokey and loud. "WELL, Mrs. Yin," I said, "This must be Mr. Yang!"

08:54 AM #
Mrs. Yin crinkled her nose at me like I'd just dropped my pants and broken wind.

08:55 AM #
I'm not good in front of small groups. I panic and say idiotic things.

08:57 AM #
And one-one-one I'm a virtual mutant: unintelligible, and often, I fear, somewhat creepy.

08:58 AM #
I need a big crowd, from which I can draw strength.

10:42 AM #
General Tsao's. :)