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Heckler4Truth - Tue Sep 27 2011

07:19 PM #
O.K., I thought: don't be a fool. You're probably overreacting to his little tome.

07:19 PM #
Just bite your tongue, let Gwynne enjoy his routine, then take her out for a smoothie.

07:20 PM #
DON'T BE A FOOL: this is a very small price to pay to have such a dear human being remain in your life.

07:21 PM #
So as Mr. Larry "Deal With It" Morgan held forth, I kept a cork in it and smiled occasionally at Gwynne. WHO LOVED IT.

07:22 PM #
His well-crafted sarcasm -- his quickness -- his misanthropic, awful view of life.

07:24 PM #
He was nearly invulnerable in his thick, bottomless irony. I felt enervated. All the energy draining out of my shoes.

07:25 PM #
It's a neat and cruel trick that guys like him have: if you question the premise of his humor, he implies that you're against HUMOR ITSELF.

07:26 PM #
In response to one woman's polite question about his rant in the book that poor people are, quote,

07:31 PM #
"Lucky, 'cause they don't have much to worry about," he said, "Well, it's true! What's their biggest decision of the day?

07:32 PM #
...'Do I buy a can of cheap pork and beans, or splurge on the Dinty Moore beef stew?' Not a LOT of stress there!

07:32 PM #
...I mean, come ON, people, let's be real!"

07:33 PM #
Gwynne -- sweet, kind, goodhearted Gwynne -- was laughing at his antics. Cracking the eff up, in fact.

07:37 PM #
"NO," I thought.

07:38 PM #
"This will NOT do. If I care for her at all, then this is the best way to show it. She is in a state right now which is close to being

07:39 PM #
brainwashed, and I must get her out of it it. Do or die."

07:39 PM #
And so I said: