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Heckler4Truth - Fri Sep 30 2011

09:48 AM #
Called Gwynne repeatedly. No response. Tina keeps staring at me, wondering why I look so gray.

09:49 AM #
City is inhumanly hot today. Baking everything. My fan broke. No oscillation.

09:49 AM #
I'm going mad.

09:49 AM #
Why won't she call back?

09:49 AM #
(And yet I know the answer to this.)

12:35 PM #
Emotions inside-out. If Blinky so much as blinks next door, I may invade with a meat axe.

07:42 PM #
Got obsessed. Decided to ask her forgiveness.

07:43 PM #
Went to Thrifty Cuts, where she works. Where we MET. Her trying so bravely to keep giving me haircuts.

07:44 PM #
Walked in. She saw me coming, and tapped a fellow stylist on the shoulder, then scrambled into the back room.

07:44 PM #
Her fellow hairdresser was sort of fruity and tough at the same time, a gay Charles Bronson. Not someone to mess with.

07:45 PM #
He blocked my way, holding his hair dryer like a Glock Nine.

07:47 PM #
I saw the cold steel in his eyes, and backed out of there.