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Heckler4Truth - Mon Nov 14 2011

01:07 PM #
Bud has warned me enough about THE SUIT, lord knows -- seems everyone has, at this point! -- and yet I've been mulish.

01:07 PM #
This damnable SUIT!

01:08 PM #
There's no time for buttons and zippers. I'm RIPPING it off, I'm SHREDDING this thing encasing me, this false identity,

01:09 PM #
this cocoon of bogus respectability which is suddenly so repugnant to me.

01:10 PM #
ALL of my clothes are tainted by it, in fact, so I keep tearing and rending until I am down only to what God gave me, in the altogether,

01:10 PM #
quite unmistakeably nude.

01:11 PM #
Except for the big hat. I like the hat.