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Heckler4Truth - Sun Nov 20 2011

07:21 PM #
Of course, this makes some eyes turn my way. But NOT Bud's camera!

07:21 PM #
That is still focused on the Mayor's genteel give-and-take with the Rev.

07:22 PM #
I suddenly myself running their way. Full speed. This is involuntarily, it seems I didn't start it and I certainly can't stop it.

07:23 PM #
I accelerate more and more, un-self-conscious and undraped, yelling "We are all innocent! We are all babies!"

07:23 PM #
I run straight for the platform, bellowing, bare-assed.

07:24 PM #
Straight at the various Secretaries of Things.

07:25 PM #
I am naked, I am primal, I am superpowered! Surely I can jump way over this line of New York City cops suddenly assembling in front of me!

07:26 PM #
Waaaay over their heads, I'll do a double flip and land a graceful 9.7 right in front of the world, presenting myself proudly,

07:27 PM #
the Original Man, sinless in my natural unclothed state. (Aside from the hat, the hat WORKS.)

07:28 PM #
Then will the gift of tongues visit, as it always does, from blessed Nowhere, and the world will know the truth I have to impart.

07:28 PM #
I leap like a gazelle!

07:29 PM #
....but a severely wounded gazelle, it turns out, since I manage only to get seven inches off the ground before a policeman grabs me.

07:30 PM #
A swarm of others quickly join him, and I find myself underneath a cursing pile of New York's Finest,

07:30 PM #
who smell like sweat, cologne, and metal.

07:31 PM #
I am being crushed.