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Heckler4Truth - Mon Nov 21 2011

08:24 PM #
Then one of the cops jumps right off me!

08:24 PM #
Then another! And another, reversing the pile-on.

08:25 PM #
I see daylight again. ...Wait, they're not jumping off, they're being PULLED off!

08:26 PM #
Something flashes by -- an "A" within a circle, crudely drawn in magic marker.

08:26 PM #

08:34 PM #
Benjamin is fighting the cops, savagely, with surprising effectiveness.

08:35 PM #
Just Benjamin versus four cops. He's doing fake kung fu moves, but they seem to be working. He is pure furious commitment.

08:36 PM #
It occurs to me that he's been following me all this time, watching over me.

08:36 PM #
He is protecting me. Like he promised he would.