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Heckler4Truth - Wed Dec 07 2011

07:39 PM #
O.K., here's what happened:

07:39 PM #
Gwynne actually HAD come to see me do my thing in the crowd after all. It wasn't a hallucination!

07:40 PM #
She'd gotten my note and felt bad about not returning all my calls, so she thought she'd just watch and try to understand.

07:41 PM #
But then after I jumped onstage sans clothes and and had my... incident... well, she ran into the crowd to find Tina.

07:42 PM #
Tina had gotten caught in the riot that ensued once I was conked on the head and dragged from the stage. She was trying to follow me.

07:42 PM #
And she's small, so she was... underfoot.

07:43 PM #
Gwynne found her, and rushed her to the vet.

07:44 PM #
One of Tina's legs is shattered, and she has "internal injuries." (Vet quote.) It's looking like... well, it's looking BAD.

07:45 PM #
We visited her at the hospital, and when I saw her little body I almost cried. But didn't.

07:46 PM #
The Gwynne actually did cry. And then I sobbed uncontrollably. (I have never, to my recollection, cried before this day.)

07:48 PM #
Gwynne looked right into my eyes. "How could you just LEAVE her there?" she asked.

07:48 PM #
I said I didn't know.

07:49 PM #
"What did you want to happen? This whole, this... this stuff, that you do? What do you expect to happen?"

07:50 PM #
Her deep green eyes were begging for an answer that made sense.

07:50 PM #
"Please tell me! What did you hope would happen?"

07:50 PM #
I opened my mouth, but only a low frog-croak came out.

07:50 PM #
Words had failed me.