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wausauloner - Fri Jun 10 2011

07:38 AM #
Bagged a deer at first light this morning. Kurt and May are coming over for an all-day cookout/meat curing party. Zombies not invited.

09:23 AM #
I've been expecting zombie visitors to come by, attracted by the smell of fresh meat. I used my bow to take two out before they got close.

09:26 AM #
We're processing the venison into jerky as fast as we can to keep the smell of blood and meat from attracting more zombies.

10:02 AM #
Seasonings of all kinds are plentiful in the zompocalypse (every abandoned home has a spice rack). Very handy when making venison jerky.

10:05 AM #
Unlike zombies, we humans like variety in our meat. So we're making several types of venison jerky: spicy, teriyaki, smoked, peppered...

10:08 AM #
The variety will make a big difference in the enjoyment at mealtime when we're eating dried everything next winter. Zompocalypse cuisine!

12:10 PM #
Shorty already has venison-scrap farts. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

01:58 PM #
May just showed off her improved archery skills, taking out a a couple zombies before they got too close as Kurt and I finished the venison.

02:01 PM #
All the venison jerky is in the wood-fired drier. It smells good. Now for some ribs for dinner. And no, it does not feel weird eating meat.

06:15 PM #
Still feel full from all the fresh venison we had today. I just moaned like one of the zombies. Shorty gave me a dirty look. Good dog.