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wausauloner - Sat Jun 11 2011

07:41 AM #
I'm having a hard time figuring out how to use the ham radio equipment I salvaged, so I'm getting together with Pete's communication team.

07:44 AM #
They have been up on Rib Mountain the last couple of days trying to get their ham radio sets working. Pete wants a listening post up there.

09:54 AM #
Pete's "comm crew" has been tasked with figuring out the ham radios as well as organizing the colonies' other communication networks.

09:57 AM #
That includes using the law enforcement radios we've been salvaged to set up secure communication with the colony's early warning outposts.

12:15 PM #
The outpost on top of Rib Mountain is permanent once again. Besides the listening station being set up, the highway salvage crew stays here.

12:18 PM #
Defenses are being added up here on Rib Mountain are a mix--designed for protection against both the zombies and predatory human survivors.

01:21 PM #
I'm learning a lot from Pete's "comm crew" about setting up ham radio systems. They've figured out how to set up the antennae. #zompocalypse

04:12 PM #
Being up here on top of zombie-free Rib Mt. will give these ham radios good signal line of sight, which is important for short range radio.

04:15 PM #
But of course, all are eager to listen for signals from farther away. We want to hear from other survivors of the worldwide zombie plague.