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wausauloner - Sun Jun 12 2011

05:53 AM #
The ham radio setup on Rib Mt. went well yesterday. The "comm crew" was able to pick up several signals in overnight experiments.

05:56 AM #
Two were in morse code, one was in Spanish, another in German, and they think another was Korean or maybe Japanese. #zombies #zompocalypse

05:59 AM #
They heard about 15 seconds of English (in a southern accent) but "the hum" overwhelmed it. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse #hamradio

08:45 AM #
I'm helping the "comm crew" up on Rib Mt. again today, this time with setting up enough power systems for them to run all their ham radios.

08:48 AM #
I knew solar power installations from my days in construction before the zombies came and civilization collapsed. I've learned more since.

08:51 AM #
The I39 traffic jam salvage teams have supplied lots of batteries and a few solar powered construction crew road signs to power them.

10:15 AM #
There were 12 amateur radio systems at the house I found on Rosecrans and another in the basement of the State Patrol HQ. 6 are now up here.

10:18 AM #
They're a mix of short and long-range sets. I kept a short and long-range pair myself. The others are being set up at the main farm colony.

10:21 AM #
The plan is to have them all up and monitored in listen-mode only for awhile. At least until we know how safe it is to broadcast on them.

10:24 AM #
I'm eager to reconnect with friends I made during my tour around Wisconsin last fall, but we don't want to broadcast our presence to raiders

02:12 PM #
We think we have the ham radio sets up on Rib Mt. configured correctly with power, proper antennae, and good connections. Now for mine.

05:31 PM #
Thanks to the newly expert "comm crew," I now have two working ham radio systems, one long-range and one short-range. #zombies #zompocalypse

05:34 PM #
Ham radios are also up and operating at Pete's HQ back in the farm colonies. We're going to do some microphone clicks to test them out.

05:47 PM #
The microphone click tests worked. We now know all three stations can send and receive. For now, sending will only happen in an emergency.

07:49 PM #
@grork We want to figure out how to do that, but we're all stumbling our way through this. The books we found all assume some base knowledge

07:50 PM #
@grork Until we get it figured out, we are staying off the air so nobody can do the same trick on us! Some hammers have been targeted.