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wausauloner - Mon Jun 13 2011

07:49 AM #
Doing a little salvage today and I got lucky: Someone had transferred cereal to tight-lidded Tupperware containers. Stale, but edible.

07:52 AM #
It's been a long time since I found edible cereal. Moisture and mice have gotten into the cereal in most abandoned houses. #zompocalypse

09:55 AM #
I'm dropping off some of the cereal I found (it turned out to be 5 kinds of Cap 'N' Crunch, and I have my limits) with the I39 salvagers.

09:58 AM #
They'll take the cereal back to the farm colonies as a treat for the kids. They even have milk from a few cows that survived the zombies.

10:01 AM #
There isn't nearly enough milk to go around for everyone at the farm colonies, but Pete makes sure that kids and pregnant mothers get some.

10:04 AM #
It's sad sometimes, thinking about what's missing since the zombies rose & wrecked our world. Fresh fruit is so rare and limited in variety.

04:34 PM #
Word from the Comm Crew atop Rib Mt.: They've detected no short range (line of sight) signals on the ham radios. Long range? Different story

04:37 PM #
They've picked up snippets of monologues from broadcasters, pieces of halves of conversations, and lots of interference from "The hum."

04:40 PM #
But most of what they're hearing is morse code. So now the whole Comm Crew is trying to learn it. Who knew it was a zompocalypse skill?