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wausauloner - Tue Jun 14 2011

06:28 AM #
I'm off to Fort NTC today with the Comm Crew. None of the survivors living in the old Northcentral Technical College are hammers, but...

06:31 AM #
...But the textbooks and library remaining there at NTC from before the rise of the zombies might help the Comm Crew learn their new trade.

09:53 AM #
Very fruitful morning. The Comm Crew guys found some good instructional books and manuals about electronics in general, even some on radio.

09:56 AM #
They also found a couple people interested in joining them in the listening post atop Rib Mountain. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

09:59 AM #
It's good to see Fort NTC's relations with the Farm Colonies continuing to improve. We humans have to work together to survive the zombies.

10:02 AM #
We may also need to band together if any of the predatory survivor groups try to muscle in on our territory. They're worse than zombies.

01:30 PM #
Once the new Fort NTC members of the Comm Crew learn how to use them, they're going to take a pair of the salvaged ham radios back with them

01:33 PM #
Some day, once we know what we're doing, we'll be able to triangulate signals we hear. Identifying other zombie survivors is a priority.

08:23 PM #
Inspired by today's events, I stayed up late to work on improving my own ham radio skills. I think I heard some Russian say "zombie."