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wausauloner - Wed Jun 15 2011

07:22 AM #
It hasn't even been two years since the zombies rose, and already the remnants of civilization are starting to crumble. #zompocalypse

07:25 AM #
The first thing you notice is that nature is taking over everything: Tall grass has replaced lawns. Weeds grow in every crack in the roads.

07:28 AM #
There's always scattered debris blowing in the wind, swirling in sheltered corners of abandoned homes. The smell of decaying flesh pervades.

08:55 AM #
@okwichu They don't draw much, so I don't think I'll have any shortfalls, even in winter. I've added a lot of car batteries to the array.

09:12 AM #
Here and there are dead patches in the overgrown grass, the result of zombie blood spilled from a kill or one of the immobile undead...

09:15 AM #
Over time, the soil in such spots becomes dusty & red. Sometimes a weed I don't recognize manages to grow in the contaminated dirt. #zombie

01:41 PM #
I was curious so I carefully dug a hole in one of the bare patches contaminated by the zombies' black blood. What I saw was strange.

01:44 PM #
Beneath the dusty red dirt on top, the soil under the surface was stained a dark reddish black by the zombie blood, to a depth of 8 inches.

01:47 PM #
The contaminated soil at that depth had a strange texture: brittle, crystalline clumps. It gave off a metallic tang like fresh blood does.

04:14 PM #
I dug deeper down into the soil beneath the spot where the zombies black ichor killed the grass. There were no signs of deep contamination.

04:17 PM #
That's reassuring...I have enough contact with the toxic stuff to have to worry about it pooling in my groundwater. I depend on my well.