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wausauloner - Thu Jun 16 2011

05:54 AM #
The power levels in my battery array dipped lower than usual overnight, even with yesterday's clouds reducing my solar panels' efficiency.

06:15 AM #
The panels were a little splotchy with rainwater and pollen, but I don't think that's the cause. Time to check the power storage systems.

07:21 AM #
The original battery storage checks out OK, but the large array of car batteries I added to my solar system after the zombies rose does not.

07:31 AM #
@grork Seems to be a battery problem. But you're scaring me.

09:02 AM #
I found a battery with a bad cell in it and another that looked like it was going. Fortunately, there are plenty more to be salvaged.

09:05 AM #
The only thing limiting my electrical storage capacity is the time I want to invest in salvaging batteries from abandoned cars #zompocalypse

10:10 AM #
I suppose I shouldn't feel bad, not figuring out the ham radios on my own. My construction background DID give me valuable solar expertise.

06:01 PM #
Scanning ham radio frequencies again tonight. Trying to find a signal from a North Sea oil platform the guys up on Rib Mt. found last night.

06:04 PM #
The broadcaster was talking in the clear, asking for any information about the zombie situation in England. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

06:07 PM #
I suppose anyone broadcasting from a fortress-like oil platform wouldn't be worried about giving up their position to raiders. #zombies

07:56 PM #
@grork I am curious to know that, too. Haven't heard much of Operation Galveston in many months. It was Navy-led.

08:05 PM #
@grork Knowing what is happening a hundred miles away is a complete mystery these days, so you are thinking bigger than me.

08:07 PM #
@grork The Mosinee group had one but it stopped working.