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wausauloner - Sat Jun 18 2011

06:32 AM #
All the combat with zombies lately has my arrow supply running low, despite the fact that I retrieve most of them after the shooting's done.

06:35 AM #
The numbers problem is compounded by the fact that I keep the arrows I use to shoot zombies separate from the ones I use to shoot game.

06:38 AM #
I've found so many bullets in abandoned homes that I don't think I'll ever run out, but guns make noise and that attracts more zombies.

06:41 AM #
So I'm driving around in my zompocalypse-tricked-out hybrid Tahoe, looking for homes where archers used to live. #zombies #zombie

06:44 AM #
It's not a random process. The zombies rose in the fall 2009, so a lot of archers had backyard targets out. Those are what I'm looking for.

09:14 AM #
I've already found 3 homes with foam deer targets in the backyard. Each had 20+ arrows in the garage. One had over 50! Plus I got more bows.

09:17 AM #
Most of the arrows I'm finding are practice arrows, but that's fine. Any puncture in a zombie's skull will take it down. It's the oxidation.

09:20 AM #
Something about the zombie contagion is vulnerable to contact with oxygen. Crack open a zombie's skull or put a hole in it and it "dies."

02:02 PM #
Jackpot! I had to down a zombie that was inside this last house, but the man he used to be was quite an archer: 5 nice bows, 100s of arrows!

02:50 PM #
Further searching in the house showed me why there was so much to find: It had been occupied by a man and 4 teen sons. All probably dead.

02:53 PM #
This home hasn't been occupied since October 2009. The calendar hasn't been flipped. A bowl of dried up fruit is on the counter. Sad to see.

02:56 PM #
But I can't dwell on all the deaths I'm reminded of. The father was my size, so I'm going to put his clothes and gear to good use. Got to.

08:35 PM #
Lots of Morse code on the ham radio tonight. Then I heard somebody cursing out the ones using it for being elitist and not talking to him.

08:41 PM #
Then one of the Morse coders talked, saying they use the code because it is easier to sustain communication amidst static and interference.

08:44 PM #
He also told the other radioman why people don't start talking to others right away: Because predatory survivors use the radios to find prey

08:47 PM #
That again confirms our fears and shows why it's a good idea to stay in listening mode while we learn the radios. #zombies #zompocalypse