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wausauloner - Sun Jun 19 2011

05:58 AM #
Full fish trap this AM. Who'd have thought something my grandpa taught me to make as a kid would provide so many meals in the zompocalypse?

06:01 AM #
Every now and then, among the other debris that sometimes gets caught in it, the fish trap collects parts and pieces of zombies.

06:04 AM #
I've managed to stop letting that bother me.

09:30 AM #
The farm colonies' zombie combat teams are working a neighborhood on the other side of Mosinee Hill today, so I'm biking over the overpass.

10:23 AM #
They're having a slow go at it today: The horde of zombies coming north from the fallen Mosinee refugee center has local Z numbers up.

10:26 AM #
That horde has been a slow tide coming closer over almost two years' time, but I think that strange siren call from the anomaly sped it up.

10:29 AM #
So everyone is still standing around at a T-intersection, shooting zombies as they filter in out of the swamp on three sides.

12:02 PM #
Part of the team has started going house to house in this subdivision, making sure each is clear of zombies. A salvage team follows them.

01:10 PM #
One of the newbie zombie fighters is freaking out: he caught a mouthful of zombie goop when someone else lopped off a head.

01:13 PM #
He should be fine, as long as he spit it out fast. Zombie blood is toxic, but I've gotten the stuff in my eyes and mouth many times.

01:16 PM #
From evidence we've seen, you're a goner if you are bitten, get "blood" to blood exposure, or die after long-term proximity to the anomaly.

01:19 PM #
Of course, by the time we figured out that last condition, many of us had already been around it a long time. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

08:01 PM #
"The hum" is crazy loud on the ham radios tonight. I'm giving up on listening for other survivors of the zombie plague until tomorrow.