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wausauloner - Thu Jun 23 2011

08:45 AM #
I'm back home in Wausau after a couple days in Stevens Point. The storms extended my stay by a bit, but biking saved a quarter tank of gas.

08:48 AM #
The reason for my trip to Stevens Point was the arrival, at the survivor base there, of some refugees from farther south. #zombie #zombies

08:51 AM #
The UW-Stevens Point survivors had taken in about 20 or so bedraggled refugees who'd fled the area north of zombie-held Madison.

08:54 AM #
The refugees' tales included reports of combat between large groups of human survivors of the zombie uprising. #zombies #zompocalypse

08:57 AM #
The UW-Stevens Point survivor enclave knew I'd traveled around the state last fall, so they wanted my take on the refugees' stories.

09:01 AM #
They wanted to know if the refugees were likely telling the truth or not before offering them permanent residency within their defended zone

09:03 AM #
So I sat in on some discussions and had some conversations with the refugees. In the end, my gut told me they were telling the truth.

09:06 AM #
What they said was alarming & disheartening. I'll share it with you after some overdue chores & a quick neighborhood anti-zombie patrol.

01:10 PM #
No zombies were in my patio light traps. No fish for dinner, either--my fish trap was washed away by high waters while I was gone. #zombie

01:13 PM #
I need to describe what I heard from the refugees taken in by the survivors holding on to UWSP in Stevens Point. It's all bad. #zombies

01:16 PM #
To start with, Madison is still overrun with zombies. There's been no effort to even start clearing out any suburbs. Survivors are scattered

01:19 PM #
A couple of stable survivors groups numbered in the hundreds, but they were in survival mode, not ready for ambitious zombie-clearing.

01:22 PM #
I say "were" because the refugees had been among them when they were attacked by a large nomadic survivor group, probably from Milwaukee.

01:25 PM #
The refugees had been part of two groups: One called the Madison Militia and another simply called "Harry's Tribe." Both no longer exist.

02:02 PM #
Sorry for the interruption. Kurt stopped by to return Shorty. She missed me as much as I missed her. I always feel less safe without my dog.

02:05 PM #
So, last fall, just after the harvests, the Madison Militia were set upon by a group of other survivors outnumbering them 10 to 1. #zombies

02:08 PM #
Their compound, built only to keep zombies out, was besieged and taken over quickly by the thinking, armed, aggressive human raiders.

02:11 PM #
Their food stocks were stolen and greedily consumed, even before winter fully hit. The confined Madison Militia survivors got little to eat.

02:14 PM #
The raiders had, by then, discovered the much smaller "Harry's Tribe" compound and had quickly defeated its defenders. #zombie #zompocalypse

02:17 PM #
The food stored up for winter by Harry's Tribe lasted just a few days once the nomadic raiders got into it. When it was gone... Bad things.

03:11 PM #
I'm ready to tell the rest now. The raiders brought slabs of roast meat back with them upon returning to the stolen Madison Militia base.

03:14 PM #
The raiders cruelly ate in front of the captives. The captive Madison Militia members were starving by then. They begged for food. #zombies

03:17 PM #
Finally, they were given bits of the meat that had been too blackened over the fire for the raiders to eat, some bones to chew on...

03:20 PM #
That's when some of the captives realized there was something wrong with the shape of the bones. They were human. #zompocalypse

03:23 PM #
Some ate anyway.

03:26 PM #
The raiders watched as the captive Madison Militia members' unity crumbled. Those who ate human flesh were separated from those who did not.

03:29 PM #
The captives that had eaten the human meat were given the "opportunity" to join the raiders. "Nobody else will take you now," they were told

03:32 PM #
Some did. Others refused. A few of them were shot and became the raiders' next meal. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

03:35 PM #
Those who didn't eat the flesh were kept captive. Every day or so, one of them was taken out and never seen again. #zombie #zompocalypse

03:38 PM #
Meat would show up and be offered to the remaining captives. Some would give in. This went on all winter. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

03:41 PM #
Finally, the snow receded & the nomadic cannibal raiders broke camp. What happened next allowed the refugees I met to escape. #zompocalypse

03:44 PM #
The cannibal raiders' convoy was ambushed by other predatory survivors while on the road. Some of the captives escaped during the fight.

03:47 PM #
The refugees described the second group as zealots of a warped religion. I recognized the description of their unique weapons and tactics...

03:50 PM #
It was Anon's group, the ones calling themselves the Rapture's Reapers. I'd encountered them myself last fall. See? I told you it was bad.