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wausauloner - Fri Jun 24 2011

06:49 AM #
Building a new fish trap (again) to replace another lost after heavy rains swept it away. The loss of the dams is a pain. #zompocalypse

07:24 AM #
The refugees I met in Stevens Point said that the cannibal raiders and Rapture's Reapers skirmished over a variety of targets. #zompocalypse

07:27 AM #
The two groups, each numbering in the thousands, fought over sources of fuel, mostly, but also over other supplies. #zombie #zompocalypse

07:30 AM #
Often, they fought over stores collected by smaller groups of survivors. Both predatory groups, especially the cannibals, lived off others.

09:03 AM #
Ran across a zombie that used to be an old woman. All this rain caused a smelly crop of mold or something to grow on her tattered clothes.

10:10 AM #
Some good news: The refugees I met with in Stevens Point are being offered "citizenship" within the zombie-safe enclave on the UWSP campus.

10:13 AM #
We few survivors have all had to endure a lot of hardship since the zombies rose and civilization fell, but they've had it worse than most.

12:11 PM #
Update on the hunter-killer teams from the farm colonies: They've had a setback. All their gunfire has pulled zombies north from Mosinee.

12:14 PM #
They've found it necessary to re-clear some Rib Mt. neighborhoods (but thankfully not secured homes) because more zombies keep wandering in.

12:17 PM #
The problem is a slow, diffuse wave of zombies spreading from the failed Z-Day refugee camp on the Mosinee school grounds. #zompocalypse

08:01 PM #
Overheard on the ham radio: "Hispanola zombie outbreak halted...great loss of life...former U.S. Navy grounded three fuel..."

08:04 PM #
"FORMER U.S. Navy?" Last thing we heard about the navy was their involvement in fighting zombies as part of Operation Galveston. #zombie

08:07 PM #
Operation Galveston was a U.S. military plan to clear zombies from Gulf ports. The goal was to be able to get to the strategic oil reserve.

08:10 PM #
We followed news about Operation Galveston and the zombie fighting there many months ago, but the satellite radio we had no longer works.