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wausauloner - Mon Jun 27 2011

07:08 AM #
I'm helping out with the farm colonies' seek-and-destroy teams today. We're in a neighborhood that was really pretty nice, pre-zombies.

08:18 AM #
This neighborhood-by-neighborhood zombie-clearing plan is working. Much of the rural western part of the Town of Rib Mountain is safe(ish).

08:21 AM #
Basically, the Town of Rib Mountain south of Hwy. NN and west of I39 may have a few fresh zombies wandering in, but no persistent hordes.

08:49 AM #
@mattress The general consensus is no, because if a large, heavily armed group comes, they'd avoid the zombie areas and come for our stuff.

08:52 AM #
@mattress Not out west of town where the Farm Colonies are, or on the edges of the city where Fort NTC (north) and I (south) are.

10:32 AM #
It sounds like several people in these seek-and-destroy zombie-killing teams want to relocate into some of the fancy homes they've cleared.

10:35 AM #
I can't blame them from wanting to move out of the cramped--but safe--farm colonies, though not everyone's cut out for it. #zompocalypse

01:03 PM #
We just cleared zombies from one home that won't be reclaimed: The inside is coated with gore, probably from back on Z-day. It still stinks.

03:10 PM #
Just about done clearing zombies from this neighborhood today. The bodies are piled up with some debris on the road, ready for burning.

03:13 PM #
Zombie bodies are moist, so burning them requires a pile of tinder/debris underneath. I also like to use lighter fluid. Gas is too valuable.