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wausauloner - Tue Jun 28 2011

06:10 AM #
This is my second day in a row with the Farm Colonies' seek-and-destroy zombie-killing teams in the Town of Rib Mountain. #zompocalypse

06:13 AM #
Today is less about zombie-killing & more about surveying the resources & supplies now available to us. We're also fortifying the firehouse.

08:21 AM #
This part of the Town of Rib Mountain was a good starting challenge for the Farm Colonies' new zombie combat teams. But what's next?

08:40 AM #
@luckysenior Right, I don't think so. That's why there's a push on to prepare for the worst.

09:12 AM #
Some of the newly trained fighters are chomping at the bit, wanting to take on zombies in the thickest part of the I39 traffic jam.

09:15 AM #
But they're not ready for such close-quarters combat against so many zombies. I've got something else in mind...

10:42 AM #
@luckysenior I wish I knew for sure, but our main goal is to not be easy prey. Raiders tend to go after the weak or unprepared.

01:51 PM #
I talked to Pete about my idea. He agrees that it is a safe-ish way to clear out a lot of zombies. Stay tuned. We're going for it tomorrow.

07:02 PM #
Up on Rib Mountain in the camp being used by the hunter-killer teams (so they don't have to go all the way back to the farms each day)...

07:05 PM #
We're making our preparations for tomorrow's major anti-zombie operation. It will be our first foray into a dangerous neighborhood.

08:00 PM #
I'd love to listen to what the comm team up here on Rib is catching on the ham radios tonight, but I plan to be up at dawn, killing zombies.