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wausauloner - Wed Jun 29 2011

04:00 AM #
Kurt and May are working their way down the 700-foot ski runs on the north face of Rib Mountain. They're making sure it's clear of zombies.

04:03 AM #
Most of the rest of our group, about 30 fighters in all, are in trucks heading the long way around the hill on an old access road.

04:06 AM #
We haven't run into any zombies yet, but there will be plenty of them once we get to the un-patrolled base of the hill. #zompocalypse

05:10 AM #
Everybody's in position. We've got people with deer rifles up on the roof of the main ski lodge, Kurt and May up on the slopes with bows...

05:13 AM #
...and I'm with the rest of the team out in the middle of the empty Granite Peak ski area parking lot. Empty, except for a few zombies.

05:16 AM #
I chose this spot to pick a fight with the zombie horde because of the big open parking lot. It gives us humans the advantage of distance.

05:19 AM #
We're about to start shooting the nearest zombies. When we do, the noise will attract others from all sides.

07:11 AM #
So far, so good. There seems to be a break in the action. We've downed over a hundred zombies without having to break a sweat.

07:14 AM #
The big ski area parking lot was empty back on Z-day, today giving us the perfect kill zone for taking out the zombies shambling toward us.

08:01 AM #
We're getting fewer new zombie arrivals than I expected. Did that siren call from the anomaly a few weeks back thin them out that much?

08:40 AM #
A few zombies have come in from the north and west, but few from the east, where we'd expect more to come from the big highway swarm. Hmmmm.

09:54 AM #
The parking lot is littered with downed zombies. The combat vets have let newbies do most of the shooting, practicing accurate headshots.

10:15 AM #
Scouts are now checking out the semicircle of neighborhoods around us to see if there are any zombies lingering nearby. If not, it's a wrap.

10:29 AM #
Some scouts are back. They report just a few zombies still making their way towards us over the golf course & the subdivisions to the west.

10:38 AM #
The scouts checking out the neighborhoods to the east--the side between us and the Interstate and the zombie swarm there--are still not back

10:50 AM #
Just heard a loud CRAAAACK from the east. Not a gunshot. Some smoke? No, it's settling. Must be dust. I see the scouts now. Running...

11:01 AM #
The scouts' breathless report: "Zombies dammed up at high wood fence..."..."it just gave way...hundreds." It's gonna get busy here.

01:20 PM #
Too many zombies all at once...we had to retreat from the parking lot to the roof of the main lodge. We're clubbing the last of them now.

01:23 PM #
The zombies nearly ramped up to the roof of the lodge. Our main concern now is Kurt and May. They were last seen retreating up the hillside.

02:02 PM #
We're busting through the roof into the Granite Peak ski lodge--we lost our ladders and nobody wants to jump into the zombie bodies below.

02:53 PM #
Hiking up the ski hill now. No sign of Kurt or May, but they left lots of zombies with arrows stuck in their heads behind them as they fled.

03:41 PM #
Found them. They're up in the observation tower, using hand weapons to fight off the last of the zombies that followed them up the hill.

03:49 PM #
That was a close call. We didn't lose anyone, but one unforeseen complication almost cost us our lives.

09:26 PM #
@CityPagesPat Well, I've been lucky so far. I think we could handle the zombies if all survivors worked together. Unfortunately, some won't.