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wausauloner - Thu Jun 30 2011

06:35 AM #
Yesterday's successful (but nearly disastrous) zombie-killing foray taught some important lessons to all of us, but especially the novices.

06:38 AM #
After nearly losing the fight despite having favorable ground and being prepared, the newbie zombie-fighters aren't talking smack anymore.

07:53 AM #
We're not fighting zombies today, except for those we find during local patrolling. Instead, we're deconstructing yesterday's fight.

07:56 AM #
We had a retreat plan (backing up the ski hill, because zombies struggle with steep inclines), but too many went up on the ski lodge roof.

08:00 AM #
We couldn't divide our forces, so everyone fighting in the parking lot went up on the roof. Then somebody panicked, kicked our ladders away.

08:04 AM #
With the ladders down among the zombies, we were stuck on the roof for the rest of the battle. Fortunately, we had brought plenty of ammo.

09:10 AM #
Now we're addressing the lack of discipline when we were stuck on the roof. Some people kept shooting instead of shifting to hand weapons.

09:13 AM #
The continued shooting kept drawing more zombies to the area, prolonging our time stuck on the roof of the ski lodge while zombies ramped up

09:16 AM #
The zombies piled up on each other, nearly reaching the edge of the roof before we finished them. Meanwhile, Kurt & May were on their own.

09:19 AM #
If those two hadn't kept their cool and made a fighting retreat using their silent bows and hand weapons, it might have gone badly for them.

09:22 AM #
But they did show us how our retreat plan up the ski hill and then the narrow steps of the observation tower would have worked for all of us

10:58 AM #
The big lesson yesterday was a "live" demonstration of the relentlessness of a mass zombie attack. They just don't stop. They don't retreat.

11:01 AM #
When that fence went down, releasing hundreds of zombies all at once, our shots took them down at a steady pace. But there were always more.

11:04 AM #
Some of our people lost their cool. The zombies? They don't panic. They don't lose morale. They don't get scared. They don't get tired.

01:10 PM #
I've made note of who among the fighters kept their cool during yesterday's big zombie fight. I want Pete to know who he can count on most.

02:31 PM #
One of the guys showed he was really good with a deer rifle yesterday. He was popping zombie heads like clockwork at long range.

08:00 PM #
Just heard the phrase "green glow" on the ham radio. The anomaly that brought the zombie plague here may be appearing all over the planet.