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wausauloner - Fri Jul 01 2011

06:10 AM #
After a day of rest, those of us who spent a day re-killing zombies in the Granite Peak ski area parking lot are returning to the scene.

06:13 AM #
We have to retrieve our trucks, pull arrows that can be re-used from zombie skulls, and burn the bodies. It'll probably take all day.

07:32 AM #
May noticed something strange about many of the zombie bodies lying around the parking lot: Somebody chopped fingers off of some of them.

07:35 AM #
She showed me how it was usually the left hand, and how the fingers were left scattered nearby. An axe left chop marks in the asphalt.

08:03 AM #
I think May has it figured out: Somebody came through here and took all the rings from zombies' bodies. Necklaces and bracelets, too.

08:08 AM #
@mattress Not to most survivors. You can't eat gold or defend yourself with it. It's not worth the effort. But a few have hoarded the stuff.

08:12 AM #
@mattress You got it.

08:20 AM #
Some other scroungers now say they'd seen downed zombies out west on 29 that were missing fingers, but they chalked it up to wear and tear.

09:12 AM #
It's getting very hot, very humid. These zombies are very, very ripe.

09:49 AM #
@luckysenior You never get used to it. Not entirely. Sometimes the breeze will change and you'll want to vomit.

09:51 AM #
We've got a good fire going in the middle of the parking lot, consuming the zombie bodies with a hot, red flame and billowing, black smoke.

10:15 AM #
Turns out some of the zombies in the pile under the eaves of the main ski lodge are still dangerous--They got buried by other zombie bodies.

10:18 AM #
We're going to have to take our time dragging zombie bodies from the lodge to the fire, making sure we don't free a "live" one.

11:21 AM #
I've checked with everyone here as we clean up from the big zombie fight. Nobody admits harvesting jewelry from the bodies. But someone did.

01:08 PM #
Most of the zombie bodies are now on the fire. A few "fresh" ones are wandering in, attracted by the pillar of black smoke.

01:14 PM #
@Azulien You aren't kidding. Some of that happened on Z-day. Actually, the smoke column catches their attention. They lose interest up close

02:50 PM #
Sometimes a zombie body softly "explodes" in a big fire like this. I assume it's abdominal gasses from undigested food. #zompocalypse

05:28 PM #
@Azulien Not so far, but it might be worth a try.

06:03 PM #
The fire is nearly out, but man, does it still stink here. Time to head out, get rid of the clothes we wore today, and sleep. #zompocalypse