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wausauloner - Sat Jul 02 2011

06:20 AM #
I'm meeting up with some scroungers from Fort NTC today to tell them about the Farm Colonies' recent progress re-killing zombies.

06:23 AM #
I also want to talk to them about the evidence May discovered: that someone has been taking jewelry from downed zombies. #zompocalypse

08:52 AM #
I'm with a Fort NTC scrounge team on the north side of Wausau, where they're doing their part to clear zombies and collect usable salvage...

08:55 AM #
They saw the smoke from yesterday's zombie burn-pile, and are impressed with the results of that operation. As for the missing jewelry...

08:58 AM #
They doubt that anyone inside Fort NTC has been collecting jewelry from the zombie bodies. That would be a taboo inside the old school.

09:01 AM #
It seems the fort's old leaders (eventually executed for crimes committed) secretly collected jewelry, so such avarice wouldn't fly now.

10:10 AM #
A few of the Fort NTC scroungers say they've seen a downed zombie here and there without fingers. Again, none thought it remarkable before.

10:13 AM #
The downed zombies that had been harvested of rings always seemed to be on the western or northern edge of Wausau. #zompocalypse

01:41 PM #
Shorty and I are heading for home. I want to get in a local zombie patrol before dark, and see if the water is low enough for my fish trap.

07:54 PM #
I'm getting better at keeping a lock on long distance ham radio signals. I heard a whole conversation. Two people were flirting. #zombies

07:57 PM #
I felt a little ashamed listening in, but it's good to hear two people talking without mentioning zombies, mayhem, or the end of the world.