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wausauloner - Wed Jul 06 2011

07:09 AM #
The tough work of clearing small chunks of the outskirts of Wausau of zombies continues today with a full crew from the Farm Colonies.

07:12 AM #
We're working the industrial park near 72nd Avenue again today in hopes of making contact with the semi-feral kid that's been following us.

07:15 AM #
We've been trying to learn more about Jason, ever since learning he was the one hacking off zombie fingers to get at their rings.

09:11 AM #
In the brief conversation I had with Jason, he said he was collecting the jewelery from the zombie bodies because money wasn't good anymore

09:14 AM #
He seemed to be on his own, but I have a hard time believing he's foraged for food and water and survived the zombies and two winters alone.

09:17 AM #
I have a feeling there's more to his story than what he's told us. I think he's collecting the jewelry for somebody else.

12:41 PM #
Zombie-clearing activities are done for the day. The salvage teams have moved into the cleared buildings, looking for useful stuff.

12:44 PM #
After each building is gone through, the doors and windows are secured to keep zombies from finding their way back in.

12:50 PM #
Today's big find: A vending machine full of candy. Much of it melted inside the wrappers, but we don't care. I've got a sugar buzz. #zombies

02:15 PM #
We've left a pile of the less melted candy bars next to the jewelry today's downed zombies were wearing. If Jason's near, he'll get them.

07:51 PM #
Spending some time listening for broadcasts on the ham radios tonight. I heard something about an upcoming election in Free Montana?

07:54 PM #
I hate to say it, but it's beginning to look like the country is breaking up. Things probably got bad all over when the zombie plague spread