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wausauloner - Thu Jul 07 2011

06:39 AM #
I'm joining up with the Colony Farm zombie-clearing crew later. Now I'm at yesterday's site. Jason's cache is gone. He left a note: "thanx"

06:42 AM #
Shorty hears something.

06:57 AM #
Shorty is focusing her attention on a nearby overgrown field. She sniffed and wagged her tail a bit, so, not a zombie or strange scent.

07:12 AM #
I called out: "Jason? Want to talk for a bit? Want to meet my dog, Shorty? You could play with her a bit if you like." No answer.

08:02 AM #
It took awhile, but Jason did come out of the field. He's here now, tossing a stick for Shorty to fetch. It's like a pre-zompocalypse scene.

08:04 AM #
Jason said thank you for the candy and for the jewelry. He showed me how he threads the rings onto his necklace. He's wearing a fortune.

08:10 AM #
Jason is curious about my Blackberry. He said "Internet's down, dummy." I told him that, thanks to @ProfPierson, my Tweets still go out...

08:13 AM #
...And that because of that strange green glow in the sky--the anomaly that presaged the zombie plague--my Tweets travel between worlds.

08:16 AM #
He doesn't believe me. Well, I can't blame him. But with things as strange as zombies running around, you'd think he'd cut me some slack.

08:19 AM #
Maybe if some of you out there who can read this @ reply me with something for Jason, he'll believe me. I'll show him your messages.

08:25 AM #
Hi @gingerkytten. Jason says he doesn't believe in you. (Sorry! The kid is stubborn.)

08:29 AM #
Ha, that got a laugh out of him, @gingerkytten

08:31 AM #
Jason says it's always Halloween now, @khennings. Not sure if he means because of the Zs or because 2009 Halloween decorations are still up.

08:33 AM #
Hi @taylorea. Jason says he knows how to be quiet. He's getting into this now that he can talk about his zombie-killing skills.

08:35 AM #
Hi @joplinspig. Jason says he's the best there is at watching and waiting. I agree that being good at it keeps smart survivors alive.

08:36 AM #
@gingerkytten Jason wants you to know that he's seen real zombie bus drivers so be careful.

08:38 AM #
Oh, believe me, he knows! He's not short on ego. RT @joplinspig @WausauLoner He is a courageous kid!!!

08:39 AM #
Jason says, "No! Don't be silly @gingerkytten! Zombies are dumb dumb dumb dumb!"

08:41 AM #
Jason doesn't understand how the anomaly's "weakness between worlds" works, but I do: You're in danger if you see this, @gingerkytten

08:47 AM #
@taylorea Jason says "Use strings with alarm bells on them."

08:50 AM #
You've sidetracked Jason, @Azulien. Now he wants to know what games I have on my phone. He's still very much a kid, despite the zombies.

08:57 AM #
True, @taylorea. Jason says the bells are only for when you sleep "Because people have to sleep and zombies don't. Zombies suck."

09:01 AM #
@taylorea He won't tell. He thinks I'm trying to trick him into giving away where his treasure is. Now he doesn't believe you're real!

09:03 AM #
@Azulien Is that a game? Jason says zombies don't eat plants. He's right on that point.

09:09 AM #
@Azulien Well, there is this spreading weed that can live in soil where zombie blood has spilled, but defense? I wish. Jason likes the idea.

09:10 AM #
@taylorea Jason got a little quiet when he read that you've adopted some other kids. He is just a child, after all.

09:43 AM #
@taylorea Your tweets are getting to Jason. I don't think he has anyone.

09:50 AM #
@Azulien Just the lucky. It was a steep learning curve.

11:41 AM #
Jason ran off again. I think I saw a tear in his eye after a tweet. Well, I think I made some progress with him today. Thanks for the help.

12:54 PM #
@gingerkytten Unfortunately, all I get is a time-out error when I try to visit a Web page or send a photo. The anomaly can't handle much.

12:55 PM #
@gingerkytten So it won't help me or Jason, but I'm glad you're doing the good work of helping others.

09:58 PM #
Up late trying to regain ham radio signals The Anomaly's hum keeps interfering with. Heard something about Aleutian Island refuges. #zombies