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wausauloner - Fri Jul 15 2011

06:14 AM # anybody getting this? #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse This is @WausauLoner, please respond if you receive this.

06:21 AM #
OK, whew. It looks like I haven't lost whatever connection this phone has to worlds where zombies haven't overrun everything.

06:24 AM #
After days of trying to find Jason (unsuccessfully), a misguided attempt to catch him, and many unanswered notes, he returned my phone to me

06:27 AM #
I've got to hand it to the kid: He can hide and move about in both empty, abandoned landscapes and areas thick with zombies like no adult.

06:30 AM #
I think what got to him, after the thrill of the chase, was guilt--due to the conversations he had with some of you after he stole my phone.

07:01 AM #
During the time while Jason had my Blackberry, I tried to use other phones salvaged from zombies or abandoned homes, but none connected.

07:04 AM #
I even found a phone with an existing twitter account and tried to use that, but none of my texted tweets went out on it. #zompocalypse

07:07 AM #
I figured whatever "arrangements" @ProfPierson made to allow me to keep communicating via Twitter were not made for other Twitter accounts.

07:10 AM #
I even climbed up on Mosinee Hill to the DARPA monitoring station there and tried to send something from the computers inside. No dice.

07:13 AM #
One of the things a computer there does is monitor tweets in & out (& relay some back & forth through The Anomaly to other worlds, I think).

07:16 AM #
That's how I was able to see the conversations some of you had with Jason without having my phone, though I couldn't join in. #zompocalypse

07:19 AM #
I kept hoping Jason would tweet something to tip off his location, but the battery ran out first. He must not have had power to recharge it.

07:22 AM #
I left a charged battery wrapped in a note for him to find, but he never picked it up. He may have smelled a trap--he'd been hunted for days

07:25 AM #
Only after being ignored for a couple days did he leave the phone outside my home. Which brings me to the events that overtook things lately

07:28 AM #
More on those events later... Right now, I have to go deal with some of the ongoing situation. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

09:32 AM #
I've got a few minutes to myself so I'll try to catch you all up: A few days ago, some more refugees from down south showed up at the farms.

09:35 AM #
It was a mixed group of 7 adults and 5 children. Their story? Similar to the refugees' who found the survivor enclave in Stevens Point.

09:38 AM #
But there was one big difference: They KNEW all about The Farm Colonies west of Wausau, Fort NTC, the Mosinee group, me--all of us. Gotta go

12:23 PM #
The recent batch of refugees were coy, at first, about what they knew of we local survivors of the zombie plague. The kids let it slip.

12:26 PM #
So now the refugees locked up & being questioned. I don't like it. Pete doesn't like it. But laws & rights are different in the zompocalypse

12:29 PM #
They're being treated well, but they're not being allowed to talk to one another or move about. We need to find out if we're all in danger.

02:39 PM #
How did the refugees learn of us? The possibilities are limited. People who have traveled through tended to be heading north, not south.

02:42 PM #
I suppose someone could have gone back down south, but I can't recall anyone who passed through knowing as much as these people do. #zombies

02:45 PM #
I was careful not to spread too much information during my trip around the state last fall, but the Tesomas and Two Rivers groups know a lot

02:47 PM #
@mattress I do not think so. At least not regularly. Too many gaps in their recent knowledge.

02:48 PM #
I think the most likely possibility is that these refugees met someone who lived among the survivors here but left. We have some MIAs.

02:51 PM #
And then there were a few men (and their families) exiled after some banditry that led to conflict between The Farm Colonies and Fort NTC.

02:54 PM #
The worst possibility: There was a man who was loyal to the deposed Fort NTC leaders that disappeared. There might be a grudge involved.