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wausauloner - Sat Jul 16 2011

07:45 AM #
Slept in after a late night listening in on the ham radios: I heard a repeating government safety message listing zombie safety tips.

07:48 AM #
I heard the message repeat several times in between periods of interference from The Anomaly's hum. The tips were solid, tho overcautious.

07:51 AM #
The most interesting part was a warning to stay away from people who've been in Wausau, Wisconsin, EVER. Not just since the zombies rose.

07:54 AM #
I think the feds figured out that people who die from means other than a zombie's bite might still reanimate due to exposure to The Anomaly.

09:45 AM #
Maybe the government has been giving that warning for awhile. Maybe it has helped keep raiders away from us. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

09:48 AM #
But the refugees that have shown up prove that when people become desperate enough, hunger will override fear and they'll come here. #zombie

12:24 PM #
No real progress in the questioning of the refugees about how they knew so much about us. It does seem like some of their information is old

02:12 PM #
These refugees, by the way, also had first hand experience with both Anon's Reapers and the cannibal gangs from between Madison & Milwaukee.

04:31 PM #
I think I just saw Jason. He was on the other side of the highway from my house. I saw movement. I think he was distracted by something.

07:23 PM #
I'm convinced Shorty can smell Jason. She keeps looking around outside, but without the concern she'd show if it were a zombie she sensed.

09:01 PM #
News from the ham radios: "radiation levels are considered hazardous near the Chinese cities..." It was a list of places I didn't recognize

09:04 PM #
My god, someone must have tried to stop the zombie outbreak using nukes!

09:07 PM #
Though the report (which sounded BBC-like) hints that SOMEONE out there is gathering and disseminating information, zompocalypse be damned!