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wausauloner - Sun Jul 17 2011

07:07 AM #
I was cleaning fish from my trap this morning when 2 visitors showed up: 1st, that tough old gray cat, and then Jason. The boy was contrite.

07:10 AM #
Jason apologized for stealing my phone, then sheepishly asked me if I could call his mom. I had to explain to him that I couldn't. #zombies

07:13 AM #
We also talked about his dad, and how Jason has been living alone since his father's died defending him from zombies. He cried. I did too.

07:16 AM #
At that point he ran off. I let him go. I figure he'll be back again when he's ready. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

09:31 AM #
I'm no longer worried about Jason. It may seem strange, considering he's a 12-year-old kid alone in the zompocalypse, but he does OK.

12:03 PM #
I'm visiting all the detained refugees again, seeing if any have talked or may be willing to. There must be some BIG reason why they won't.

04:40 PM #
I talked with all the refugees. Nobody's talking. Some are furious. Others seem clueless. Most know we're doing what we must. #zompocalypse

04:43 PM #
Some of the refugees may be coming around. They're being fed well. Sue is attending their medical needs. The recuperation may be helping.