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wausauloner - Mon Jul 18 2011

06:50 AM #
Kurt and May are missing. I am at their house because they they didn't answer radio calls for 2 days. No sign of their truck. #zompocalypse

08:25 AM #
It doesn't look like their house was attacked by zombies or any predatory survivors. They secured the place before leaving. But to where?

08:28 AM #
The last time I saw Kurt and May was early last week during the search for Jason when he had my phone. Right before the refugees arrived. Hm

08:31 AM #
Given May's close ties to the men who were exiled from the Farm Colonies last fall, I can't help but think the refugees' arrival is involved

01:13 PM #
I just talked to several of the refugees about the disappearance of my friends, Kurt & May. Yeah, some of them know something. #zombies