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wausauloner - Tue Jul 19 2011

06:09 AM #
Pete is keeping a lid on Kurt & May's disappearance. We have the same suspicions, and neither of us want renewed tensions with Fort NTC.

06:12 AM #
That leaves finding the young couple to me. I hope we're making the right choice. If they're in zombie or raider trouble, well, it's a risk.

06:15 AM #
So now I'm checking out the 29E safehouses I know of that were set up by May and her old salvage crew--the men exiled with their families.

06:18 AM #
May used one of them to sneak some provisions to the exiles (with Pete's hinted approval) on the day of their trial for banditry. #zombies

06:21 AM #
This all happened almost a year ago. I suppose I should recap what happened but I'm going to wait to do so until I'm at the next safehouse.

08:42 AM #
OK, here's the quick rundown of what led to the exile of the rest of May's old salvage crew last fall. It started just after May met Kurt.

08:45 AM #
She was detached from her crew to join a search party in an area east of Wausau that she knew well. The others were involved in an incident.

08:48 AM #
That incident was a shootout between her old salvage crew and a similar group working out of Fort NTC, which we didn't know about yet.

08:51 AM #
Nobody was hurt, but May's old friends took the salvage collected by the Northcentral Technical College survivors. They were in the wrong.

08:54 AM #
Their crime ate away at them. Before amends could be made, the then rulers of Fort NTC used the incident to keep their followers frightened.

08:57 AM #
The despots in charge at Fort NTC were living like kings while their loyal followers got scraps (and their enemies got worse). It was bad.

09:01 AM #
To prevent an escalation of the conflict between Fort NTC and the Farm Colonies, Pete exiled the men and their families at a dramatic trial.

09:03 AM #
It was harsh, but the Fort NTC leaders wanted the death penalty. Pete said it probably was, and it WOULD be if they came back. #zombies

09:06 AM #
So what I think is happening now is the exiled men and their families returned. They must have recently been in the company of the refugees.

09:09 AM #
Somehow, the refugees must have gotten word to May about her old crewmates being nearby and asked to meet. I'm hoping it's that simple.

01:01 PM #
I've checked out all the safehouses east of Wausau that I know of. No sign of life, or recently downed undead, at any of them.

03:39 PM #
I hate being on this side of Wausau, especially when it's so hot. The prevailing winds carry the thick stench of the undead this way.

04:10 PM #
I just checked in with Pete via the secure radio sets we salvaged from Marathon County law enforcement vehicles. Kurt and May are still MIA.

04:13 PM #
I'm going to stay out here in one of the HWY 29E safehouses to watch and listen for signs of Kurt and May or the exiles. #zompocalypse

06:23 PM #
Big storms again. A lot of trees have come down on abandoned homes lately. Mother nature is finishing what the zombies and panic started.

11:23 PM #
Noise outside woke up Shorty, and she woke up me. Just a zombie, caught in some downed power lines. I don't think it knows we're here.

11:39 PM #
The zombie has tripped its way out of the downed power lines outside this safehouse. It is wandering away. Enough noise to attract others?

11:57 PM #
Shorty seems satisfied that no zombies are near. She is curled up on the floor and is almost asleep. I'd better crash too.