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wausauloner - Wed Jul 20 2011

05:15 AM #
I'm resuming my search for Kurt & May, as well as for the exiles, if they are indeed out here. I'm running out of leads, so I'm just driving

06:45 AM #
@CityPagesPat Grunts, moans, croaks, sputters...that's about all they can manage. Usually they are silent.

07:02 AM #
This area--what used to be idyllic semi-rural neighborhoods--was picked clean by the main rush of panicked refugees back on Z-day. #zombies

07:04 AM #
There's little in the way of salvage, and the zombie count is high. Many who fled on foot didn't survive long and joined the horde.

07:44 AM #
@CityPagesPat I have tried to send files thru this connection but they always error out.

09:20 AM #
I've found something interesting near a farm: fresh horse manure. More nearby. And some grass with all the leafy green bits clipped away.

09:38 AM #
It looks like a single vehicle has been here, too. The farmhouse itself, though not barricaded against zombies, has been recently occupied.

09:45 AM #
I don't see any signs of violence. Wait...Shorty is onto something.

10:01 AM #
It was a zombie, neatly decapitated. Both the head and the rest of it were tucked into some thick overgrowth. Could have been Kurt's work.

10:04 AM #
Someone spiked the severed head with something substantial. Could have been May's spear, following up Kurt's antique civil war sabre strike.

10:07 AM #
Maybe I'm reading too much into this "evidence," but I've fought zombies side by side with Kurt and May enough to have seen this before.

10:10 AM #
@LuckySenior I think I'm on the wrong side of town from Jason's stomping grounds (the NW). Frankly, I'm surprised he went as far as my home.

10:36 AM #
@LuckySenior The problem is more one of a lack of safe and/or direct routes after all the damage on Z-day. But Jason may have some secrets.

11:20 AM #
I've searched all the buildings of this farm. Whoever was here with Kurt and May didn't stay long. Maybe just overnight, a day or two ago.

11:23 AM #
I think whoever rode here on horseback chose this place because it had an old hand-cranked water pump. It let them water their animals.

11:26 AM #
It's something to go on as I continue my search: I can concentrate on sources of accessible water, like streams and farms like this one.

12:08 PM #
@LuckySenior The Farm Colonies have been trying aggressively to breed up their small herd of horses. Many farm animals died soon after Zday.

12:09 PM #
@LuckySenior There shouldn't be any of Pete's people on horseback this far to the east, so it is almost certainly sign of outsiders.

02:12 PM #
Horse droppings on the side of the road. Fresher than what I saw at the farmhouse. I'm on the right track. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

03:11 PM #
I'm getting too far from The bars are low. But I think I'm catching up to the horses. This heat is probably slowing them down.

03:14 PM #
I'm on County Road Y south of 29. It roughly parallels a low river. I'm at a spot where the truck has parked & the horses went to the water.

03:17 PM #
I think I know where the group I'm following is headed. I'm going to take a chance and try to get ahead of them. #zompocalypse