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wausauloner - Thu Jul 21 2011

07:45 AM #
I'm pausing on my way back home, now that I'm getting bars again and can get a message out. I found Kurt, May, and the exiles. #zompocalypse

07:48 AM #
I had guessed correctly: Kurt and May were taking the exiles to the survivor enclave north of Amherst where Kurt's parents live. #zombies

07:51 AM #
I drove straight there once I guessed their destination. I also radioed Pete and Ty, the Fort NTC rep, to drive out and meet us there.

07:54 AM #
By the time Kurt, May, and the exiles arrived, I'd shared an idea with Pete and Ty and they started working out the details. #zompocalypse

07:54 AM #
My idea (which I'd had a lot of time sitting around to think up) is meant to solve several problems we survivors of the zompocalypse face.

07:57 AM #
It's a way to deal with those who break our laws without chasing them into the arms of potential enemies or supporting them as prisoners.

08:01 AM #
I call it a 2nd chance program that would apply to rulebreakers who we thought could be rehabilitated. A lot of people did desperate things.

08:03 AM #
Basically, if you do something bad enough to become unwelcome in one of our allied survivor enclaves, you get a 2nd chance at another one.

08:06 AM #
The exiles with Kurt & May took the deal and are now members of the Amherst enclave. Some troublemakers there are joining the Farm Colonies.

08:09 AM #
If the "2nd Chancers" commit further crimes, they don't get a 3rd chance. Penalties would be severe. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

02:30 PM #
The refugees that had been detained for questioning have been released. Most are choosing to move to the Amherst survivor enclave.

02:33 PM #
Kurt & May, who were in a tricky position, are happy with the resolution of the matter. May's friends now have a safe place to live. #zombie