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wausauloner - Fri Jul 22 2011

07:33 AM #
It sounds like the UWSP-based survivor enclave in Stevens Point is also in on the 2nd Chancer program. Pete's taking a few of their people.

09:02 AM #
Jason appeared from out of the overgrowth while I was out on a neighborhood anti-zombie patrol. He wanted to know where I've been. #zombies

09:05 AM #
So I told the kid, then took the time to give him the scoop about the various survivor groups in the area. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

09:08 AM #
Jason was very interested in the more distant survivors in Point & north of Amherst. He said he'd seen the Farm Colonies & Fort NTC. #zombie

09:11 AM #
That kid gets around. I asked him how he traveled so far. He said he runs! I suppose the kid is built for long distance as well as sprints.

09:14 AM #
I asked Jason if he wanted to meet more survivors, instead of just watching us from hiding. He said no and ran off. He's a piece of work.

12:01 PM #
The hot weather has really gotten a lot of the crops taking off. We've had fresh greens for awhile and now a few other things are ready.

12:04 PM #
Soon, the Farm Colonies' seek-and-destroy zombie-hunting teams will have to take a break from the action and start working on the harvests.

08:15 PM #
I heard a distress call on the ham radio tonight. Somebody in Ontario says their compound is surrounded by zombies and they're low on ammo.

08:18 PM #
They're too far away to be helped directly by anybody here or that I've heard on the radios. I hope somebody closer can help them. #zombies