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wausauloner - Sat Jul 23 2011

07:01 AM #
Ruth called on the CB this morning. She's asked for some help with a zombie problem in her neighborhood. Shorty and I are heading out now.

07:04 AM #
I'm biking there. Ruth has survived alone in her lifelong home by keeping a VERY low profile, so I want to get in and out quietly.

07:07 AM #
She's an older woman who refuses to relocate. She's also the best shot I know, but she almost never uses her .22 rifle on wandering zombies.

08:02 AM #
Shorty likes it when I bike from place to place because she gets to run. I do stop often so she can be rested before any zombie encounters.

08:05 AM #
It's fairly easy to avoid a zombie or two on the streets when I'm on a bike. They're just too slow. But I do have to detour around swarms.

08:08 AM #
I think Jason is following me. He appears to be running. I guess he really is as fast and as good a runner as he says. I'm impressed.

08:51 AM #
I'm nearing Ruth's block. I took my time so Jason could keep me in sight. And now I think I know what Ruth's zombie problem is: A tree fell.

08:54 AM #
The tree fell onto the enclosed porch of a home about a block from Ruth's house. Many zombies surround it. Something has their attention.

08:57 AM #
I'll figure out what that is after I get these zombies out of here. Time to play "catch me if you can" and lead them away. Gotta go.

10:25 AM #
It has taken a couple of spins around the block, but I managed to pull most of the zombies away from the home where the tree fell.

10:28 AM #
I just finished silently taking down the rest with my bow while Ruth stood watch with her .22 rifle. Now we know why the zombies gathered:

10:31 AM #
A window in the damaged home broke, exposing wooden blinds that clacked noisily in the wind. The noise entranced wandering zombies.

10:34 AM #
Ripping down the blinds should prevent the problem from redeveloping. Now the zombies that wander into the neighborhood will wander back out

10:59 AM #
I told Ruth that I think Jason is probably near. She's been following along with our discovery of him on our post-zompocalypse CB network.

11:45 AM #
No sign of Jason since I lost track of him during the zombie action. No cues from Shorty--she's distracted by a treat Ruth gave her.

12:04 PM #
Jason showed up. He was eager to show off a few rings he cut off the zombies I just downed. He's still collecting jewelry from corpses.

12:07 PM #
Jason and Ruth are getting along very well. She's releasing her inner grandmother; he's eating it up. A nice scene. #zombies #zompocalypse

02:30 PM #
Ruth wants Jason, Shorty, and me to stay for a nice supper. I think this is a breakthrough day for Jason, so I'm all for it.

05:20 PM #
Ruth outdid herself. She made a pie out of raspberries and carefully preserved ingredients. I haven't had pie since before the zombies rose.

05:23 PM #
Jason ate most of it after eating most of the rest of our "scrounger's special" meal. Now he's feeling a little sick. Ruth is playing nurse.

06:02 PM #
We're staying the night. It'll be good for Jason's re-socialization & I want to make sure Ruth's neighborhood zombie problem stays solved.