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wausauloner - Wed Jul 27 2011

06:21 AM #
Jason was here this morning. He woke me up tossing twigs at the electrified wire atop my defensive wall. I gave him a good yelling for that.

06:24 AM #
I don't want him to get hurt on it, or damage it, cuz I don't have the know-how to fix it like Alan & Jack, the two guys who made it for me.

07:02 AM #
The electrical current will probably knock out an adult who touches my razor wire, but it us unlikely to kill them before they let go.

07:05 AM #
Signs on my outer defensive wall say as much in warning people away. It's too high for most zombies to stumble into, but it has happened.

07:08 AM #
The zombie didn't let go, so it eventually caught fire--and drained all the batteries attached to the razor wire. #zompocalypse

07:11 AM #
I turn the electricity on at night and whenever I leave. There's a hidden switch outside. I have to make sure Jason doesn't see me use it.

10:41 AM #
Time to catch up on gardening work. I want to get as much out of the area gardens as I can because I'll need the food this winter. #zombies

06:54 PM #
Overheard on the ham radios: Someone from a rescue party called out from the site of the siege in Ontario. They arrived too late. #zombies

07:15 PM #
.@jamiedurie I don't know. I didn't catch that detail from either the people making the original call for help nor the late rescue party.

07:23 PM #
.@jamiedurie I think I heard that name but didn't know what they were talking about. Maybe the failed rescue party came from there.